Dirt Roadz Entertainment

Hailing out of the 719, rapping and producing out of the Crown City, this Los Angeles based producer/rapper was born under his giving name Julio. Born in a small rural town, Don J  found his love for the ivory keys.

Raised by two educators, the lessons that life has offered is somewhat sold short compared to the combined wisdom of his parents. One parent raised in a home with dirt floors, and the other parent with no indoor plumbing, and Spanish as their first language. Their struggles would be the lessons they would bestow on their three sons. All sons would learn how steal a base, and how to play the keys.

It is the piano where Don J  would find his calling in life. At age seven he would begin his classical training. Exploring his first love, he soon realized how important his training would soon become, when he discovered his second love Hip-Hop. It was at this point in his life where Julio would sneak up to his brothers room and listen to artists such as: Eazy-E and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony on cassette tape.

At age 13 Don J  would discover that he had a bond with poetry. Because of the art of written word, he would find his calling as an MC. Starting his newfound craft he would re-write Biggie lyrics to fit his life. With his newfound confidence and love for Hip-Hop, Don J  dedicated his life to music.

Recently, Don J  completed his Freshman Independent Album The Annihilation. This album combines hard driving West-Coast style beats and sharp poetic lyrics. He wrote and composed all the music to the The Annihilation.  He continually performs in various venues through out the greater Los Angeles area. As a Co-Chair and Executive Producer of Dirt Roadz Entertainment LLC, Don J  will continue to make good music, and entertain his fans.